Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Three Post in One, I'm Playing Catch Up

Baby Watch x 2

I told you we were on "baby Grace" watch, right.  But, did I tell you we are on baby " T2" watch? Yep, T2 will be here in August. My youngest and her cutie hubby are expecting their first. We have been working on names and they let me play. My kids are so sweet to listen to some of my suggestions.  I helped Danya name her first two, aka D (to all my AI readers). Pretty babies, pretty names. 
So, T2's name, if it's a boy, could be . . . ah I wonder if I have permission to give the name away? I better check before I write. I want them to keep me in the loop, so I better keep the trust. We may find out the sex in two weeks so we will know which name the baby will be getting. Sorry guys, if you were on the edge of your seat, just waiting for the names they have chosen. Maybe this is a stay tuned tease?

Who's Your Favorite Singer?

No American Idol tonight? Oh and I am so spoiled. I think I am addicted to this show. I begin waiting for the next season in the fall. I started watching the year Carrie Underwood won. My Mom kept talking about it, so I tuned in and caught the end of that season. I can't sing a lick, though, and that's one of the things I hope God will give me in heaven. The ability to sing. To be able to open your mouth and let out all that emotion must be the best form of expression there is, of course, that is without being asked to close your mouth. I think I heard God say one time, "It's ok, honey you can just listen". I've read that in heaven we have perfect bodies. Perfect bodies, means perfect vocal cords, means jerriann gets to sing to Jesus. Oh yea, I'm so excited.

And on a little side note, I think Carrie's rendition of "I Told You So" is the really good. Or as Randy said last week, dope. Dawg. She is seriously becoming one of my favorites. And that doesn't come easy with me. You have to have solid albums to convince me to put my money down.  I tried to put a youtube video here of her singing this song but I think I may have gotten her new song (even better) Home Sweet Home.
So I am not sure I have just one favorite on American Idol this year.  I like Danny and Matt and who's that cute guy with the cute wife who sang a Willie song last week?  Oh what's his name, oh yea, Kris Allen.  And of course Anoop.  Those are my favs.  How about you who is/are your favorites?

Road Trip for the Bull(s)

Last week, I took a road trip with my husband. Ooooh, we drove so long. I love being with him and going on these trips but ... it takes the umph right out of me. We left on Sunday morning and drove forever hours to central Nebraska. When we got there we drove around town checking out one of my favorite things, old houses, ate dinner and tucked in by 9:00 pm. Yea, we're old(er). Up by 6 the next morning and on the road to the ranch that was having the bull sale. While we were there we found out that we needed to go to another bull sale the next day so off we go.  We checked into out hotel, walked through the bull pens, ate dinner, and tucked in by 9:00. No comment. The sale started the next day at 1:00 pm, so we had time to kill. I found this old truck and took a few photos.

We left later that afternoon, drove to Salina Kansas and stopped for the night. Here's were it got fun(ner) (that's because I was having fun already). Anyway. We went to one of those restaurants that cooks on the griddle at your table.  Two  young couples were seated with us and they turned out to be soldiers from Ft. Riley, which is were Jeremy was stationed at.  I thought that was way cool. We enjoyed their conversation and the time we spent with them. We thanked them for their service to our country the best way we knew how and left quite satisfied and full. We left Kansas the next morning and finished the last eight hours of our journey home Wednesday.  Just a side note, he never lets me drive so at the end of our trips I am ready to climb out of that car and run the rest of the way home.
And that's not the end of it. Waiting here for us were three of our grand babies. Miss Sarah, Mr. Tyler, and Mr. Caleb, yep it was spring break after all. So we finished the week out playing soccer in the back yard, watching them play in the water, feeding the cows, we drove the boats in tank and put in a little sling-shot practice.  

You go girl.

Jumped back in the car on Saturday and drove Sarah and Caleb home, spent the night in another motel and drove back on Sunday. 

Monday, I was fit for nothing.

All that to say this, I haven't blog in a while. Should I worry that you won't be here when I get back? I hope not. One of my favorite blogs has a post on what makes a good site to follow. Consistency is one of the reasons people stick, transparency, being real and relevant were some of the others. I don't think I am much of any of these, but I try. So what do you think? What are your favorite things to read, what keeps you coming back to your favorite sites?

I love you girls and guys. Let me know what you think.

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Sarah said...

I came over from that blog, because your comments remind me of myself! I, too, battle being too wordy, and how to be funny without just yak, yak, yakking! :-) I have figured out how to kill two birds with one stone, though -- if you blog every day (I do now) you don't have to write EVERYTHING. One short little thought/story for the day and be done. But I do love all that you have here -- and the pics of your family are wonderful!

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