Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol - Top 8 - The Girls

Sorry I didn't post last week on the girls but I did watch and I did take notes.  I thought Siobhan was amazing.  She left me with a little zing of excitement with her performance.  So I was looking forward to hearing what she would do with tonight's show.

Up first was Katy Stevens - singing Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway
What a cutie she is and I love the tone of her voice.  I agree 100% with the judges on her.  Once she figures out who she is "it's" going to click and we will feel the emotions of the song but I think she will go home this week.  

D says - I don't remember her, oh yea - I agree with the judges on her.  I thought she was going to do better than she has done but I think she just young.

Siobhan Mangus - "House of the Rising Sun"
I thought she did a great job with that song.  She really has surprised me.  After last week's performance I feel like she has come out of the starting gate ready to compete in this race.  I felt her emotions in her voice, I think she is gutsy to come out singing acappella, I think that must take nerves of steel and a strong belief that you know you can handle it.  I think she is great and I predict she will finish strong in this competition.  Can anyone say "dark horse".
The one word three of the judges used with her was "surprise"  and I guess that sums it up for me, she surprises me with just how good she is.  She may be someone we watch get better before our eyes.  With all that said, I don't know if she is someone I will run out to buy her music though.  That's just how I feel 'bout that.

D says - I like the girl that wore the crazy shoes last week, I like her.  She's crazy, she's a little crazy. 
Lacy Brown - The Story 
I thought that was pretty darn good.  She is kind of a home town girl for me since I live near her hometown so I'm rooting for her a little bit.  Tonight I felt like she settled into what she does, she seemed comfortable on the stage and I enjoyed watching her.  I agree with the judges, it was the right song choice, she performed it beautifully and it was the best performance I have seen her do.  I hope she stays.

D says - the red headed girl? - I don't think she'll go home but I don't really like her. Is she from Amarillo?  Oh I didn't know that - okay I'll root for her. 

Katilyn Epperley - "I Feel the Earth Move"
I love Carol King she is one of my all time favorite singers.  Her album "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" was the first record I ever bought. I listened to it constantly and when I found it re-masted in digital I bought that too.  Not that any of that matters in relation to the fact the Katilyn sang one of her songs.  Alright, so back to the reason we are all here -
Katilyn - she's a cutie however when the only nice thing someone can say is they like your hair, I think that is a bad sign.  Poor thing, I didn't think her performance was what it should have been for this stage in the competition.  I wish she had come out a little stronger - no I wish she had come out a whole lot stronger.  Last week she was much better.  So will she stay, I don't know? 

D says, the one with the big hair?  I think she's really pretty but I don't know, I don't ..... I don't know there's something about her I don't like.  There are other girls that are so much better I think she will go home.

Didi Benami - Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon"
Wow, can I just say Wow!  That was amazing.  That was brilliant.  I love her voice, she had a great vibe going on.  I think she showed us that she is an artist and if she stays in that vibe she can compete with the other two.  I loved it.  Loved It!
D says - I love this girl, she is off the chain!

I love that the judges gave her a thumbs up on her strength to come back after last week.  Yea Didi, you go girl.

Paige Miles - Charlie Chapman's "Smile"
What was up with her?  She said she was emotional but I felt like she was having trouble with her voice or her nerves or something.  They were saying that she had the best voice of all the girls so I don't know.  Last week - much better, this week - not so much.  Will she stay?  It's going to be close.
D says, I think she will go home this week, the problem is she's really good but she messed up.

Crystal Bowersox - Tracy Chapman's "Gimme One Reason" 
She is and has been my favorite hands down!  I am ready for her to record.  I loved her performance, I can agree with Ellen that I forgot she was in a competition and I just enjoyed her performance of the song and I loved the electric guitar.  
D says I love this girl with the dread locks, she is the shitz-mit! ( can you say that on your blog?)  She is on another level!  Is she still sick?  I mean she sat down and all. 
My honey is watching with me this year, because he is a captive audience and because he loves me, and he said "She'll win the whole thing."  So there you go.  He won't comment on everyone but he freely gave that opinion.

Lilli Scott - Patsy Cline/ Willie Nelson's "I Fall To Pieces"
Gotta give Willie heads up on that song.  Okay, so I didn't really like it.  I know the judges did but I was surprised to hear them say the things that they did.  Last week she totally blew me away I loved what she did, but this week I wasn't crazy about it, it was a little off for me.  I think she is great and is one of the favorites of the show this year.  So she'll be back and I look forward to that.
D says - I like that girl that sang the Pasty Cline song, I like her but she didn't have as good a performance as she did last week.  But that girl with the dreadlocks man, she's on top of her game.  Is she sick, man, I don't think she has recovered yet.  But for her to be on top of her performance like that that says something.  I love her.  

Man - I love that girl of mine, she puts the color in my world.  

So my prediction on who will go this week.....Based on their performances last night I think it will be Katie, and Paige.  But you never know it could be Katilyn just depend on how many votes come in.  D says the girl with the big hair will go home. My man says Paige Miles is going home.   

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Nezzy said...

I never get to see it....too busy but ya know I'd be right there belting it out with the best of 'em. Right here in my family room in front of the tv. Heeeheeehe! Oh, I do love to sing.......

God bless and have a marvelous day!!!

Gamma Sharon said...

I agree with everything you said. Katy and Paige should be the ones going home. Crystal is the one to beat, she has talent! But I really like Siobhan and I loved how she sang "House of the Rising Sun". I have been rooting for Lacy though, she has worked so hard to get where she is and I just like how her voice is unique. And Didi was WOW... I love Fleetwood Mac, and Didi was amazing!

Deb said...

this is the 1st week to watch the girls and we missed the 1st ones...but the girl that sang the Tracy Chapman song was the best...the last girl...I didn't like what she did to Patsy Clines just reminded be of Barbie trying to sing Patsy Cline...

Stacey at Living by Faith said...

What a great recap! Everything you said sounds very similar to the discussions we had last night.

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