Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So You Think You Can Decorate

There is a reality contest going on in blogland.  It's called "So You Think You Can Decorate"  and I want to play along, at home and on the side.  Some of the big girls are working this thing out.  The set-up is they decorate a given theme for the week, we vote for our two favorite based on what moves you decorating wise, and someone leaves the contest the next week.  That's a basic run down of the rules, check out the site and vote on your two top favorites.
This should be fun. 

I must have been reading the author's mind because right after I left a comment asking if I could link up with them working on the side and at least one week behind, they posted a "It's Your Turn" post and wa-la decorating inspiration.  And a fun kick in the butt. 
This weeks subject is accessories so I pulled out my trusty handy-dandy paint brush, nothing was safe. 
This is a preview of the accessories that I plan to use, not ready to link with them yet but I've got a plan. 

I worked on this last week.  I just stained the jumbo sized clothes pin and used modge-podge to adhere the paper.
I love this paper.

This is the first burlap flower I made before I saw the tutorial on how to make them.  
Still, I think it turned out pretty good.
There is several styles in this flower.  First I made a rose by folding one of the corners down and rolling it a couple time to form the bud in the center.  Then I just rolled it around folding as I wound the fabric around the center bud.
Then I had some strands that I pulled out and the bottom petals I cut out trying to figure out how to make these cute flowers.  
All the layers are hot glued together, there is a ton of hot glue on this thing.

The next time I sat down with this piece I noticed the the leopard print ribbon looked good with it so, I made a few loops and I burn my fingers several time.  That ribbon was slippery.

These candle sticks were some that I had and I found them hard to decorate with so, they were a candidate for painting.
I have been admiring all the cute things I have seen using black paint so I gave it a shot.
Next, a picture frame.  
It's a good looking all by itself but I could just see it with a great coat of white paint and maybe some bling.
I used my famous chipping creme again and this time I think it worked better.  I used Tim Holz distress crackle paint in picket fence and a wash of brown glaze.

Last but not least or whatever, this is a 5 x 5 canvas I painted it with antique white, added burlap with modge-podge.  Next, I painted a Tim Holz product called grungeboard and applied it with modge-podge as well.  
I have a table drying and waiting for it's second coat of paint, I'll show more of that tomorrow.
Also, I am doing a guest bedroom makeover.  I know I haven't gotten to the dining room yet but ..... I will.
I have a guest coming soon and I want it to look put together.  I'm excited to be working on this project.  My plan is to use things I already have.  Except, I have to purchase some seating for this room.  I'm buying that thing.  I don't even want to get started trying to sew.
As Sarah would say - cuuuute!
See ya.


Nezzy said...

Girl, you listen and you listen good! (my Granny used to say that)...link up baby you have a great chance of pullin' the dang thing off! Really, trust me honey your goooooood!

I can't wait to see the pics of your guest room, I know your guest will feel pampered.

God bless your day and fill it with fun and creativity.

Jerri said...

Hi Jerri. Love all these projects! So cute!

I'd love for you to come by this week and link up for Friday Favorites!

Dawn Jenkins said...

so stinkin' cute! I love the burlap flower!!! I miss ya!

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

I've been reading your blog for a while and didn't know where to stop to comment! You have been SO busy. I am loving your comment about paint being freedom in a can. I love it so much I could write it on my studio wall. But I won't, cause it's yours and all. I also could really use that ginormous clothes pin. It is super cool! I love your chippy paint projects, that table looks superfabuloso!

Sorry it has been so long since visiting. If I get started I lose myself in the blogs. So I am trying to look through very quickly and then get my booty back to typing reports. I should be finished in 2 weeks!

Happy weekend,

Myna Kay said...

I really like the black paint on the bed. Is that semi-gloss paint or satin?

Myna Kay (Holly Crutcher's mom)

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