Wednesday, March 3, 2010

American Idol

What is it about this year?  Is it me or are they just .......... not?  And while I'm asking, what's up with Kara and Simon and Kara and the blonde guy?  Didn't she just get married?  Seriously, and isn't Simon engaged?  Do you think they have to do something like this to give us something talk about cause so far the competition is, just alright man, I don't know I didn't get it,  for me that was just okay.

So instead of going through the contestants one by one I'll just hit the highlights. 

Oh yea,  my eldest daughter Danya or D, as we call here here in blogland, is teaming up with me again this year to give you our thoughts about this singing competition.

So my favorite, since back in the Hollywood days, is Lee Dewyze.  He sang last last night and I think he will be someone who would put out interesting music.  Casey James, the pretty blonde guy, will be a commercial success and should end up in the top 10.  And then cute little Alex Lambert, the shy one, who last week was so nervous that I wanted to give him a hug, he has a very nice voice and I would like to see him go to the top 10 as well.  Then, of course, who could look past Big Mike, he did a really good job last night.  I agree, Randy, that was HOT! 
Oh yea, I almost left out Andrew Garcia, I agree with the judges on this one.  When he did Paula Abdul's Straight Up, I though wow, this guys gonna take it this year.  So I am hoping to see some of that come back for him, but I like him and I hope to see him make it to the top 10 as well.

The two that I think will go home are Todrick Hall and John Park.  

That's what I think.  Danya, what do you think?


Awe, that girl, she's gonna be fun this year.  

Oops, I forgot to link up - check in with  BooMama for more AI thoughts and ramblings.  Great stuff there. 


Gamma Sharon said...

"Ditto" from me too. Didn't they say this year was the best talent? I don't get it... and the Kara thing is getting old!

Nezzy said...

I haven't been watchin', the evenings have been filled with bringing in new cattle and doctoring the unhealthy ones. Hubby doesn't get home from work until after dark. BTW: Poor Dead Dorothy is still hangin' in there and beginning to fight back just a little....mmmmm showin' some life, it's a good sign.

God bless and have yourself one fantastic day!!!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing about Kara. I noticed they did have her husband there one night to dispell any rumors. :-)

Deb said...

I agree Kara is annoying...miss Paula...last night was the 1st night to watch this season...looks like I haven't missed much..

Tales from the Williamson's Trails said...

Yeah, not really into this season. I guess I liked it more with Paula on there. I think they need to hang up their Idol hats.

Anonymous said...

What I think is that "the blonde boy" (Ellen DeGeneres) is MUCH better than Paula. Now I'm mad because Kara is the new Paula! Paula was annoying to me and I thought this season would be a lot better but NOOOOO,Kara has to replace Paula with being annoying. Come on!

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