Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break Road Trip

Day One.

It's not the places we went, it's the people we saw.

First up baby Anah.

I don't get to see her much.  When I first walked in and saw her she was sleeping.  Tears sprang in my eyes to see how much she had grown and how much she was changing and I was missing it all.  

Hadley and Anah meet again for the second time.

This time it was Hadley's turn to pull Anah's hair.

She has started walking.  I think she is somewhere she is not suppose to be.

That white basket has big sisters toys in there.

Anah is saying, "this basket?"

I'll just check it out a little bit.



Awe, she's so cute.  These pictures were not the best quality, lighting was bad.  Next week is her first birthday, I can hardly believe it, but I'm going!  So more pictures next week.


Nezzy said...

What little cuties little Hadley and Anah are. The give me the urge to kiss those chubby baby cheeks! What precious babes girl, you truly are blessed.

I'm so happy ya'll had a good visit. God bless and have a glorious day my friend!!!

HappyascanB said...

Precious pictures of precious little girls!

Deb said...

what a cutie pie...

© Jennifer Raley said...

Hi! Thank you for missing me and letting me know! I have been sick with first one thing and then another - slowly but surely getting better and I think I'm pretty much 'nermal' now. :) What precious little ones! I wondered where the shade is in a wire lamp-shade. But your idea was pretty okay. Saw the items you decorated with but didn't read the post -love the table andthe photos and all. I was looking to see how your hubby is doing. Think that was him holding the little one in one of your posts. Good to be back! Jenn <><

Kelly L said...

Beautiful! I love that age...

How are you?


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