Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol - The Guys - Top 8, Season 9

Tonight the gangs all here, me, my honey RS and my oldest daughter D ready to give you our interpretations on tonight show of This is American Idol.  So here we go.

Lee Dewyze - Fireflies
I like him, I don't know this song so I can't judge but he's good.  I liked last week better.

Danya says - I like him.  Oh that's a hit right now Mom, but he made it better than it is on the radio, I think.   All the guys seem alike, I like the dude that's rocking the mullet.

RS says, hmph - he just sang, I couldn't understand him.   
Kara agrees with Danya that Lee made the song better.  I think he will stay.

Alex Lambert - Trouble
Love this kid, unique voice, great sound, I like his innocence, he is another one we will watch mature right before our eyes.  I think he will go far in this competition.

D says, I like him, I liked his performance, yea he's the one rocking the mullet, I like him.  Do you think they will make him cut his hair if he makes it to the top 10?

RS says, I thought that sucked - I didn't think that was very good. 

(hmm, alrighty then, maybe this captive audience thing with the hubby wasn't such a good idea after all)

Tim Urban - Hallelujah
Oh I love this song, I love, love, love an acoustic guitar and I think Tim did a good job with it.  I think Tim decided a couple of shows ago that if he was going out, he was going out doing what he does.  I think he did look more comfortable on the stage tonight and I was glad to see that.  I don't think he will go very far, not sure of his status.  

D says, I love that song, I just love that song, and I liked him, he did better than last week.

RS says he sucked more than the second one.

Andrew Garcia - Christina Agulara -  Genie in a Bottle
I was undecided on this one.  I wanted it to be good but I don't know, it didn't work.

D - No.

RS - It sucked, sucked, sucked, worst of them all.  He won't get to come back.

Casey James - Keith Urban's - You'll Think of Me.
I'm looking for something from him tonight, I want to see if he is someone who I can buy his music.  So, I liked it, like I said earlier, I love an acoustic guitar so this worked for me.  

D - I like him, I didn't like it as much as last week.  

RS - well he was better than the last three.

Aaron Kelly
I agree with Kara, it didn't work for me.  All I could think about was that he is sixteen and it doesn't make sense but then Simon had a point too, that it is a great song and he sang it well.  But still I wasn't in the grove with this one.  So, No.

D says  - oh man when he first started, Carlos and I looked at each other and thought oh man they are going to tear him up.  But he pulled it out, I like him, I think he deserves another shot.

RS says - this guy will get kicked off. 
                  Isn't he 16 or 17?
Me - yes.  Why, what do you think?
RS -  better than I thought it would be. 

I wanted him to leave last week, sorry but I'm not liking this guy.  Sorry.  So I didn't like his performance tonight.  I did think he came out and showed us he is singing and not just dancing.  But still just no for me.  

D says -Ha, way better than last week.  I don't know, not a huge fan of his.

RS says - So you don't like him?

Mike Lynch 
great start, oh wow, this is beautiful.  I don't know what to say, he brought this one home.  It was great.

D  says -  I don't have words .... he's the best, he's great,  I want to hear it again like two or three more times.  I feel like I should download this song and listen to over and over.  It was great.  The best of the night.

RS says - they are gonna say it was a horrible song.

As we all know the judges raved about Mike's performance tonight, he was by far the best of the night.  Simon even said the best live performance of all.  I think I'm with D on this one, I need to listen to it again.  

So whose going home, well according to RS everybody.  Maybe holding him as a captive audience wasn't such a great idea after all.  I mean he could get up and go in another room.  I think he secretly enjoys this show.  What do you think?

Todrick I'm voting him off tonight and I think Andrew Garcia might be in trouble.  But then I also think Tim could be on the bubble.  

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Nezzy said...

This is truly your program. Someday you really need to go an see it in person! You'd have a blast.

Enjoy this beautiful day we are given, sister.

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