Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Idol - Working for the Top Ten

Blogging with my daughter D is so much fun for me, it's the main reason I do this, I get to do with her.  And I get comments from everyone in the room, so this episode of AI is has a full range of comments from the crowd and the crowd has the full range of ages.
First up is Lee Dewyze

I love this guy.  Love his voice, love his style, I am looking forward to hearing how his sound matures.  I thought this performance was good, it was a totally different side of him.  Jazzy Dewyze. 
D - I like Lee but I forgot about it the more people that sang and Simon was right cause he is going to end up going home if he doesn't do something.  AND Anah clapped for Lee so there you go Lee you got a clap from the baby.  I want to be a stay at home mom, I want to be a real housewife.  I want to be like a (hometown) housewife, get my boobs done and shop ... not really but I do wish that I wasn't so busy, maybe someday I won't have to work. 
Awe D, I wish you didn't have to either.

Paige Miles

Her voice sounds like it hasn't healed.  I don't know what's going on with her, something but it just wasn't good.  Yea, what the judges said.  I love Randy's - "Yo man, Yo, man, honestly - that was terrible."  Yea, that's what I'm thinking.  Poor girl, I hope she has a chance to get well and get it back.  She can do better I know it.

RS - She's horrible, wasn't she one of the ones in the bottom before?  she needs to go back there again and then go home.
D - Paige sucks.  No Paige really sucks I was hoping Paige would be really good but she just sucked it up.  And then they just tore her up.

S - yea, what Dad said.

Tim Urban -

Okay Tim, I love an underdog but this kid - I just find myself hoping he never makes it to TV.  I can just see him being a pop star for little kids or something.  He reminds me of someone from thirty years ago.  I don't know, I think he is a weak link for the top 10.

RS - no comment from the honey on this one, but he's hat is on sideways.  Mom, I know your reading this that should tell you something, right!
D - Tim Urban?  Is he the one who looks like Jonas?  I hate him.  He needs to go be on a sitcom, he's  got a pretty smile but that's all.  He just not ..... I think his looks have gotten him this far.  The guy with the mullet should be there right now!!!!!!  The guy with the mullet should be there with instead of all these not so great singers. I loved him, I'm still mad about that Mom, I really am, you know - bull corn.

Baby N - says "Yeah."

Aaron Kelly -

Is this kid is getting better or he is growing on me?  He is playing to win.  I think he's got a bright future in from of him.  I liked this performance better than his others and they have all been good.  I connected with him on this song.  I liked it.

RS - you got a comment honey?  "No where to go but up." (from the last two)

S - much much better.

D - I like Aaron, I do like Aaron.  He reminds me of David Archeletta and I thought that before Ryan Seacrest said that and I think he's good and he's getting better. 

Crystal Bowersox -

Oh man I liked this so much.  I have been waiting on her to sing Janice.  It was a perfect fit.  I thought she performed effortlessly.  I don't think she needs to change a thing but if she has big plans for next week then I bet she knows exactly what she's doing, what she can do and she will knock it out of the park.  She is on another level.  Love this girl.

D - Hahaha, she is the sh--z, she should get kicked off now and just get a record deal.  I love her.
I think she is the very best person that has ever been on the show, I think she is better than Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.  Do you feel that way?  Crystal is just on another level.

RS - she'll win.  (I think he said that last week too.)

Madie - (honey's mom) I wouldn't vote for her. 

?? What!?? 
Mike Lynch -

It was good.  He is a solid performer, he knows what works for him and he is very comfortable on stage in front of the audience.  Love the guy.  Not really my style of music but I like him.  

D - I like Michael.  The judges didn't like it but I liked it I thought it was good. 

Andrew Garcia -

I don't mean to be mean but I am ready for him to go.  He seemed forced, mechanical, I didn't like it.  I just didn't like it at all.  And I don't like his comments after, he seemed a little smug like he has this fan base that he is playing for and he was just giving them what they came for I don't know, not a fan - just not.
D - Hahahahaha.... I ... feel sorry for him.  I was feeling the love for everybody last night.  I was kind of rooting for everybody but Andrew picked the wrong song.  Paige is better than Andrew but something is up with her, maybe it's the competition, she is just not living up to her potential.  I mean at least he shaved and he didn't do that half werewolf thing like he did last week.  I don't like Andrew though, he can go home.

Katy Stevens -

Best performance from her so far.  I love the her sound she has an interesting voice and I agreed with Kara on this one, R & B may just be her place.  Love Simon's analogy, chalk to cheese.  I don't really know what that meant but I liked it.
D -  I thought she did good, better.

RS? "I'm eating an orange."  

?? okay.

Casey James

I like his performance, I think he is ready for prime time.  He certainly pretty to look at, he will make some handsome videos.  I look forward to seeing what he will do after AI.

S - This song is so back to the future for me, I liked his performance, though.

D- I like Casey.  I though he did good, he smiled alot.  You could tell who Miley liked and who she didn't like.   I think she like him.  

Didi Benami -
She performed the song well, but it was a little weird.  She said that she wanted to show another side and I guess she did.  I like her better last week.

D - She didn't do very good yesterday.

Siobhan Magnus -

Okay, I like this kid, but I think she is wearing out a good thing.  I can just imagine a whole album of screaming.  Seriously, the screaming notes she loves so much are not impressing me so much anymore.  Sorry.  I completely agree with Simon on this one.
D - Hmm  ....  umm.  I like her - I do.  I think she's good, I think she's gonna stay for along time.  But I don't really like her.  I think she over does the screaming.

With all that said, whose going home?  

I think it will be Tim, it could be Paige but I wish it was Andrew.  I found myself wishing for two to be eliminated  but no we will endure some more next week.  I guess that's where the drama comes in at.
D - it will either be Paige or the guy that looks like he should be on a sitcom.  I think Paige should stay cause she has potential but this guy will never get better.  I think the guy with the mullet should be on the show.  Andrew should have gone home and the guy with the mullet should be there.  I should have voted.  I should call them and say I'm voting for the guy with the mullet!  I hope he comes back next year and auditions and make it through Hollywood week and then comes back and makes it to like, the top three.  Yea, that's what I think.
Me too D, that's what I think too, love you babe.  So, what do you guys think?  Get the guy with the mullet back? 

Linking up with BooMama.  Not many of us this year, last year we knocked it out of the park.  


Joyce said...

I think Paige should go.. and Andrew and Tim but since only one can go I think it should def. be Paige.

The Brits love the expression chalk and cheese-two things that have nothing in common. How did I miss that-I love the expression!

Nezzy said...

I love to see ya enjoyin' this so much! Have fun sister!

God bless and have a fantastic day!

Deb said...

Paige has got to go...

Debbie said...

Whew! I don't watch this, but if I do, I'll be caught up. Sounds like things are going well. :)

Katie said...

I am loving this commentary!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog....and becoming number 50!!! I really appreciate it. I'm now your follower too!

Lindsay Thomas said...

I really like Crystal and Didi! And I wish Andrew would do something amazing!

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