Friday, March 12, 2010

Guest Bedroom Update

The bed and small dresser are painted and in the room.  What do you think?  I think the bed is much prettier in black and it made it look more expensive.  Nice.  
Still on the to do list are rugs, different lamps, another chair and maybe a small couch.  Some pretty accessories to make a guest feel welcomed. 
also on the drawing board are some new fabric for the bedding

Hmm pretty.

See ya  :))


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I love the black and I love the big room. I look forward to stopping back by and seeing more photos of the finished room.

Creations from my heart said...

Thanks for stopping by my latest post and all the very sweet comments. I love the black bed and I was impressed with the lamp you worked on.

Anonymous said...

Howdy, Friend. Just checking in and wondering about the treatment this week. Been praying for you all. For the bedroom, go color. The room's big enough to handle it. That bed and night stand turned out beautifully. Good job!

Nezzy said...

Yep, this first thing I thought is that you needed some rugs but I see you have that in your plans. I love the colors in the fabric you've chosen. The bed is just remarkable. Be careful or your guests will never want to leave 'cause it is really shaping up quite beautifully.

I say this because when I was remodeling our guestroom I went to pick out a new mattress for the bed and Hubby cheered me on with, "don't make it too comfortable well never get rid of 'em." Heeeheehe! He's just hospitable that way.

It all looks so very warm and inviting, doll.

God bless and have a super Saturday!!!

Dawn Jenkins said...

I love it!

The Crutchers said...

It looks awesome! I love the turqoise dresser!! You want to come decorate my house?!!!! :] The bed turned out beautiful! My mom wants instructions!!!

Deb said...

pretty room....your guests will love it..

southerninspiration said...

I just dreamed you asked me to come and try it out.....LOL...or maybe I just thought to myself how inviting it looks!!! :D
It's gorgeous...and I am drooling over those fabrics!


Cha Cha said...

Where have you been all my life, I love what you are doing with this room. I am sooo stalking you now. I can't wait to see how you finish.

Have A Blessed Day,

Cha Cha

Janera said...

Jerri Ann, I love the room! Very inviting. You have a great eye -- I gotta' admit, when you mentioned painting the bed, I thought it was fine as was. But, oh my goodness, it's amazing black! Sweet!

um, also? The word verification for me to post this was "sieste". Does that mean I should go take a nap? gee, I hope so! ;-)

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