Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guest room Re-Do

This is in pretty rough shape but these are the bones of the room.  It is located in our barn and my husband and I lived in this room  while we were building the house.  I moved the bed, rug and bedside tables  to the house and left this room looking homeless.  

(Edited to add this picture of the bed frame.)
I have this sleigh headboard and footboard bed that I will be using however I do not think it carries the room.  I am thinking about painting it black but I haven't convinced myself that that is the color to go with.  I would like to do a room with natural colors for the bedding and a lot of texture.

These are the existing curtains, they will be staying and I guess a jumping off place for the colors scheme.

They really are nice curtains and they hang from a twisted iron rod and big rings.  I should have taken a picture of that.  They are also cafe in length and set inside deep window molding.

This handsome piece stays and sits opposite of the bed.

I need to redo this vanity table.  It is made out of alder and was beautiful in the raw, but I have never happy with the finish.  The inspiration for this was made out of pine and was beautiful.  I think I will strip it and see what I can do with stain and sealer.  

I am looking at buying a chair and maybe a small couch to put in here.  

So what do you think?  Should I go with the black paint for the bed?


Anonymous said...

Jeriann, I think you should get better looking furniture and sell all that junk in a garage sale. haha Are you kidding? :)
Thanks for checking in on me and updating me on husbando. Bless your hearts. I will certainly be praying through the weekend and please keep me up on the progress. Praying for an excellent outcome.

The Lone Star Queen said...

Gosh, I can't believe that is in a barn!!! Nice room. I think a black bed frame would look great.

Nezzy said...

Oh sister this is gonna be fun! I can almost feel the wheels in your head spinnin' of some fabulous ideas here. I think your right on painting the headboard black. It's a great background to work texture off of. Of course ya'll know that already. Heeeheheeh!

God bless and have a fantastic weekend, sweetie!

Dawn Jenkins said...

Hey girlie...I miss ya. I have been trying to get ahold of you, but no answer. Did I say I miss ya? Just want to hear your sweet voice. I am going to try and call again tomorrow. I love all the "decorating"...I think I like the black too! Hugs!!!

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