Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol Makes History - Kickin It Off!!

SS - Love the start, way to jump right into it!!  In keeping, we are are gonna do the same.
D - It was a cool disco night.  

D- She seem like she had fun, but it wasn't great, but they said she couldn't talk the day before, I feel sorry for her.  She's going home, I think.
SS - I thought it was the best performance I'd seen her do. With that said, she's still at the bottom, will go home.

Kris - 
D - He did awesome!  He may not win, but I will buy his CD.  I need a nap, put that down, after I get through cleaning the radiator, and the coils on the a/c, it's going to be 97 degrees today. (random idol thought)  
SS - Love his take on the song, totally original. 

Danny - 
D - I thought it was good, is he going to sing Christian music?
SS - That was happy Danny.
D - He's kind of corny the way he dances. I hope he meets somebody and falls in love and has kids, but then he can't be a superstar.
SS - Why? 
D - I don't know, cause he has to stay home with all his kids, that I've got dreamed up for him. 
SS - hmmm?

Alison - 
SS - Hot outfit, Hello, again lyrics a little too much for my 16 yr old, anyway, 
D - I though she was trying to make a statement, like I am a contender, I'm surprised Simon didn't say it was indulgent, but I thought it was indulgent.  
SS - well I decided the hot stuff she was referring to was picante, I can live with that.
D - I don't think she'll go to the finals, do you?
SS - I think she'll be in the top four.

Adam - 
D - I thought he was gonna cry.  I thought it was good, I wish he would clean up without doing the same look every time.  I mean yea he's awesome . . whatever.  I'm sure Perez Hilton will vote for him.
SS - I thought it was pop music, I couldn't remember what the original song at the end which may be a complement to Adam.

Matt - 
D - Oh Matt . . . I thought that he did good.  I'm staying with him to the very end, I'm  riding this thing out with Matt.  I thought that the vocals were good.  I loved what Paula said, he picks song like she bowls. hahaha.
SS - I think that he really poured his heart out.  It was a strange night for me, because the two best performances of the night were the songs didn't sound like disco at all.  So those that did, I didn't like as much.  It seem to me that it put everybody else at a disadvantage it they were not  completely original.

Anoop - 
SS -  It's funny, I don't really have anything to say for Anoop and honestly I felt this way last week, it's all beginning to feel blah, blah, blah... he has pretty vocals, he is a classy guy, he could sing ballads all day, it feels a little boring to me.
D - He is very talented, he's really good, he can really sing, I don't like him.  I've been listening to Bryan Adams all week, I don't think he should ever sing Bryan Adams again, EVER!

SS - The only two original contestants in this show are Kris and Adam.
Quote of the night goes to Ryan Seacrest talking to Adam about Paula - "you melted her into a pool of Abdul"

D whose going home?
D - I hope Lil Anoop but I think Matt will.
SS - I voting Anoop and LiL.

(A little side note), we are the last ones to link up with BooMama every week, so next week D says that I can't be playing around and traveling through airports on Tuesday night.  I will be in front of the TV at seven and we will be talking at eight and running the race to get our comments on that night.  


Sherri's Southern Style said...

Y'all are CRAZY!
Good post, glad you made it to the party!

Amanda May said...

You are so funny!!
There are so many nice guys who *should* be my favorite, but I have to confess...Adam is my favorite, hands down!! ;)

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