Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Need a New Post

What is it about Thursday?  For me, it's the post American Idol blogging extravaganza hangover.  So, I need a new post, what will it be?  

I don't know, senseless random stuff, I guess.  Maybe I could call it "Sensless Random American Idol Hangover Thursday's".  No?

Well here goes on the senseless random stuff.

D's baby has gained one whole pound since she was born.  Yeah!
Today she doesn't feel well, her first sick day, and doesn't want to eat.  Boo.

I started walking (for exercise) this morning and it dawned on me, maybe because I have a friend named Dawn, that I should have been praying while walking.  But I didn't think of that until I was almost done.  Mostly because I was yelling at my dogs the whole time. First to not cross under the fence and go chase the cows and two to quit licking my hands.    

Dawn is an amazing young women.  She is very smart.  She is a very good mother to her two sons.  And she is an amazing friend.  She is also the same age as my oldest daughter and close to the age of my youngest daughter, who I am happy to say are also friends. 

Off subject,  I love this generation that are in their twenties and early thirties.  I could be biased since that is my kids age.  OK I am biased but it's understandable, I bet some of you love this age group too.

She inspires me to do . . . alot of things.  Things like pray while I walk.  Dig deeper in the Scriptures, she is my Siesta Scripture memory partner and apply scripture to my daily life.  She holds me accountable.  Funny how I don't want to let Dawn down but I can let God down. 

That is a much deeper subject that I am happy to drive into, just not today on senseless random idol hangover day. 

Anyway, Dawn headed up this "Love the Soldiers" campaign where she got her RA's and GA's and her whole church (along with three other churches) involved in sending boxes to the troops.  She has followed up with prayer key chains for the men's names that we sent boxes to.  

So, in thinking about Dawn's walking and praying thing, I decided this morning that everytime I wash my hands (refer to the paragraph where I am yelling at my dogs for licking my hands) I will pray for my soldier.  

And another thing, prayer is the key, so how fitting that key chains were made to remind us of our soldier to pray for.

And also, soldiers are the key to our freedom this country has and the rest of the world wants so bad that they hate us for it.  

Whew, dove off into a deep hole there.  

Because it is senseless random idol hangover day, I popped right back up.

See, I told you - random-post American idol-hangover, not senseless though.  Nothing senseless about prayer for our soldiers.  

Pray America.  


Dawn Jenkins said...

You are too sweet...I am humbled and encouraged (and I really needed the encouragement)!

danya0204 said...

Mom you are so awesome!!!!!! Thats a cool thought.....pray when you wash your hands, or in my case when I cahnge a diaper and then wash my hands!!!!!!! Sarah says Hi!!!!!

Holly said...

Heheh I just had to comment on this post to say that yes, I like that age group, considering I'm currently in it, albeit at the younger end. :)

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