Friday, April 3, 2009

Today is the Day!

Today is the day I get this cleaned up.  

Yes, it's Christmas crap, um stuff, and I just left it here.  But, today. . . well I 'm gonna put it up.

And this, it's left over from moving.  Most of the people who come to visit come through this room. . . but today, well you'll get the picture, right after lunch.
And this mirror
is going right here.

Check it out, while these first four pictures were downloading, I got the first thing finished.
Check one.


Kelly's Ideas said...

Beautiful..Love the tile and wood floors. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

Dawn Jenkins said...

I WANT MORE PICS... Hey I have a request/favor to ask...when Ronnie gets that job in Wellington will you help me decorate/design/make choices for the house we are going to build??? =)

jerriann said...

Dawn, any day, any week, any time, I will help you do anything. :)

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