Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American Idol Top 5

They all look so nice, every single one of them, from the contestants to the judges to band, I love it!  Oh, I get it, it's Standard's from the Rat Pack, this should be good.  Right up Matt Giraud's alley.  

Mentor Jamie Foxx.  Impressive resume, oscar for Ray, yep Giraud's gonna love this, & Dream Girls, I still need to see that movie.  And he's classically trained in music, didn't know that.
D says, he's very talented.

First up, my man Kris Allen - The Way You Look Tonight
Foxx told him he would make an record with him!  (whoa)  Says we could be blown away and not even know it.  
D - I thought he did really good, I don't think he was at the top last night, I thought he did real good until I heard everybody else sing.  
SS - I wasn't feeling blown away, maybe I was and didn't know it.

Alison - Someone To Watch Over Me
BTW Happy 17th Birthday, now that she is 17 and all maybe, we can relax in the songs she is singing department.  No?  I did notice that she commented that she was too young to have a boyfriend and then blushed.  I saw her for the first time really act like a teenager, like a young lady.   
D - I think it will make a difference, she did just turn 17, so I don't know.  I thought her performance was real good, I liked it better than the last two weeks, I thought she looked really pretty.  
SS - I thought she followed Foxx's advice and I felt a little zing - some excitement from her performance.  That's the first time I felt that.  
D - I agree with Simon, I don't think she believes she will win.  But she's only that age and she can be mature and be awesome for that age but she is still young.  She doesn't have the confidence level that someone 15 to 20 yrs older than her is going to have.
SS - Yes mam.  (I raised her, that's my girl).

Matt Giraud -  My Funny Valentine
"is stoked about this week", I knew it.  
Jamie says "it's a BIG SONG".  ought oh.
D - I thought it sounded different but I agree with Paula and Simon.  It was really different and maybe everybody will disagree, I don't know, but I liked it alot.
SS - I feel that he gave it his all.  I worry that because he excelled at the technical difficulty's of a "BIG SONG", that we (me) as the general listening public, won't understand what we are hearing.   I don't think I did.  I did record last night's show and I need to listen again.
Paula and Simon said, "by lowering the key we got to hear a different side of Matt tonight."  and "believable, authentic BRILLANT!"
SS - I'll buy that.

Danny Gokey - Come Rain come Shine
Jamie said, "go get it dude"
Love the trombone, Danny's making a nice impression in the suit, heck, they all did.
D - I thought it was better than it has been, like ever.  He was bluesy and he did really good at the end.
SS - Welcome back Danny.  
D - ditto
SS - I thought he out performed himself, he pour it out and I think we saw where Danny shines at.

Adam Lambert - 
D - hahah, haha, I have nothing to say to that. (SS - yea right) I hated it, I really did, I hated the whole thing.
SS - . . . umm, ? ? ? .aah (sigh)   curser blinking, what do I say about Adam?  He can hit notes, he can sing,but I don't like him.
SS - D, do we want it to go into it any more? 
D -  no! I don't even want to think  about it.  It scared me, the whole tongue thing.  I bet it was dry when he finally put it back in his mouth.  hahahahaha.  Yea, that's right.
SS - I thought Elvis was back in the building with that snarly lip thing, he was chaneling Elvis.
D - Dude, Elvis is so much better than him, you shouldn't even be talking about Elvis, just because he looks a little like Elvis!  Did I mention that I hated it!
SS - Okay then. 

D who do you think is going home?
I think Alison or Matt, I'm hoping for Alison.  I like her, they all are really good.
I think Danny did the best, Matt was good but Danny did better than him.  I didn't like Adam at all. (@#?)
SS - I agree with you.    

Only three weeks left until the big finale (what will I do for a Wednesday post then)  Check out BooMama for all the fun.  There are some really witty, brillantly smart, funny people there.  Very entertaining.  I'm gonna miss ya when it over. 


Dawn Jenkins said...

Thanks for the recap...Ronnie deleted the TIVO for American Idol to watch NCIS =(

The Davidson Den said...

Hey. Thanks for stopping by last week. I'm slowly making my way around. I checked out your whole blog (not just this post). You have a VERY different writing style. I like it!

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