Thursday, April 30, 2009

April's Assignments

(Mom's on the phone.)

Mom: "I've been looking at your blog, everyday."
Me: "You have, what do you think?  Do you like it?"
Mom: "Yea, I got a question, though, what are those pants you have on?"
Me: "What?  What pants Mom?"
Mom: "You know, those pants you have a picture of, why did you take a picture of them?"
Me: "Oh, those pants.  Well you see, I was trying to link up with BigMama on her Fashion Friday Edition but I realized that they are giving fashion advice and I was needing fashion advice so I haven't posted there lately. Why, don't you like them?"
Mom: "No!"
Me: (smiling) "Why not, don't you think they look like me?"
Mom: "No. And what shirt do you have on?"
Me: "A t-shirt and a denim shirt".
Mom: "And what shoes do you have on?"
Me: "My uggs".
Mom: "Oh."
Me: "You don't like it?"
Mom: "It all looks big, a little big and slouchy."
Me, "uh huh.  I posted that a long time ago did you just now go through the whole thing?"
Mom: "No, I saw it back then, I just kept forgetting to ask."
Me: "I like my pants, I wear them all the time." 
Mom: "Well, I got to thinking a while ago that they probably are really cute in person, so you can wear your pants and your shoes, cause I'm your mamma and your probably cute in them."
Me: " . . . thanks Mom". 

Ahh, you never stop being a daughter, I love it.  Thanks Mom for checking in on me everyday and for remembering to ask me what I am wearing, with an exclamation mark for that question.  I love you Mom.  

On a side note, I wrote about my assignments for April, one being write about Mom, (check!)  and two take a phot0 of daughter

waiting to be Mom. (check, check:)


Dawn Jenkins said...

The post is even better in writing =)! Ha!

Haylee Potter said...

Kristen looks adorable! Tell her congrats from me! When is she due and have they found out what they are having yet????

Belinda said...

Oh so funny. My boys tell me all the time, Mom your not going with your hair like that are you or what are you wearing??? They are 14 and 17 so you can imagine. Looking forward to May 7th.

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