Thursday, April 2, 2009

Big Sister and the Father

Baby Grace came home today, big sister developed a bad cough and just couldn't go to school, so she got to escort little sister home.

I'm thinking that cough may have gotten a little better once she realized that she was going to be a part of bringing the baby home.

Last night while Mom was still in the hospital she was crying for her mother and her sister, "I just need them to come home", she said, "I miss her already".  She pulled out every stop in the book.  Using all her feminine wiles, "You don't love me as much as you used to 'cause we have the baby now".  Poor Daddy, he probably didn't see that one coming.  

Her great grand parents tell the story of taking her to a restaurant and watching her flirt with a little boy at the table next to them.  This little boy didn't know what hit him.  He couldn't take his eyes off her, walking backwards out of the restaurant, he ran into the wall.  He didn't see that one coming, either.

Daddy was very reassuring to her and at some point must have told her to quiet down and go to sleep because little brother pipes in from his bedroom, "I'll sleep with you, so you can be quiet".

I wonder if, in his four year old brain, it didn't dawn on him that if he was home sick with a cough, he would get go to pick up mommy and baby, or if he just really likes his school.  They say when they go to pick him up all the kids are clamoring for his attention, evidently he's quite the "thang".  However he is no dummy and today as daddy was driving him home he notices that he's not stopping at Sarah's school.  "Where's Sarah?"  "She's at home already."  "oh."   Luckily the neighbors came by and invited the big kids to go with them to the park to fly kites.  That was very thoughtful and kind of them.  I'm sure I will hear the rest of this story in a day or two.

So today they have mommy and baby home and the family is complete.  Tucked in safe and sound in their home.

I thank you Lord, that you are sovereign, that your way is perfect and that your laws are just.  Thank you Father for your creation and thank you Father that you loved us enough to send Jesus.  I thank you Lord that your hand is on this family and I pray Lord for their protection.  You know their going out and their coming in.  I pray Lord that they will seek your ways and look to you for your wisdom in all things.  In Jesus name I pray.  Amen. 




a cowgirl at heart said...

First, congratulations Granny! There's just nothing like a new baby to make the world seem right, huh? Also, thanks for the sweet comments and advice on my blog! To get the cluster map on yours, just go to It is fun and you will find yourself checking it every once in a while to see where in the heck people are checking you out from!? See you Sunday!

honeyma said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. I have a new great grandson that was born on the 22 Mar. My birthday is the 20th and he waited so he wouldn't have to share a birthday with me. Hahahaha. Congratulations on your new one.

Dawn Jenkins said...

Glad you posted the story Nanoo!
love ya!

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