Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Season eight top 8

Hey there D, how's the baby?
She's great mom, she has her days and nights mixed up, so we're up all night, every night. I decided that is just not going to cut it so today I worked on keeping her up more.
Ah it will get better, it so hard to be little.
Yea, she's so sweet. I love her.
Now that's some good stuff, right there folks. Amen and amen.

We've got to get our minds on the show here are you ready? OK, here we go, the theme is "the year they were born" this could be interesting.

Danny, born 1980, sang "Stand By Me" -
SS - Danny looks great tonight, yea no more white jackets!
D - Danny's good, I like Danny.
SS - I don't know what to say here, he can sing, he stands on the stage well, but I am not connecting. There I said it.

Kris Allen born 1985
D- Not as good as last week, but that's alright, everyone is entitled to an off week.
SS - Agreed, he could have chose a better song, but he is talented and I can see him going far in the music business. Apparently he's hot. I think he's cute.
D - I think he's cute too, until I find out how much younger he is than me. I'm feeling old.

Lil born 1984
D - I'm hoping she knocks it out of the park tonight.
SS - I still can't figure out what is going on with her. Her feed back after the judges is the same thing she said last week. I think I'm over her. I had her picked to be in the number 2 slot and now I don't think she should be there at all. I agree with the judges tonight, she can sing but her performances are karoke. She should be in the bottom tomorrow night.

Anoop born 1984
D - wasn't he in the bottom three last week? I don't think that performance will save him.
SS - He has a nice voice but I don't think he is a recording artist. I can't see it. Anoop is probably a very nice guy but he should be going home soon

Scott born 1985
SS - it's painful to watch him get critiques from the judges, his emotions show on his face. But I still don't think he should stay in the competion
D - we all know.

Allison born 1992
I love Bonnie Raitt, lets see what she can do with this...
D - I think she is the best 16 year old on the show, ever! She is going to get a recording contract.
SS - I love the song, I thought she started out strong but ended up a little lost. Maybe it because a 16 year old is singing about something she has never experienced.

Matt born 1985
D - Matt is awesome, I like it all, the way he was dressed. . . . Did I tell you that I was up all night?
SS - I thought his performance was solid, I like his jazzy side, he's a cutie and I will buy his music. I think I've said that before.

Adam born 1982
D - (yawn) hum? oh yea, he was really good.
SS - He was the best of the night for sure. Seriously. He is a performer, his bag of tricks is deep, he will be around for a long time after American Idol is over.

I don't know what's up with me tonight, in the immortal words of Randy, it was just alright for me.
(my mom is on the phone and she and dad watch every week) Hey mom, what do you think?
Who's your favorite?
G-ma - Lisa and the tall guy.
SS - what, who? Lisa and the tall guy?
G - ma - Oh, are you talking about dancing with the stars?
SS - no mom, where asking you about American Idol, who are your favorites?
G ma (& Fofo) - Oh, well, Adam, Anoop and Allison.
SS - who's going home?
G ma - um, I think Lil will go home.
SS - I don't know mom, I'm not feeling it this week.
G ma - I know me too, that's why I'm studdering, they sure do dance good on dancing with the stars.

D and I agree, the top performers for the night were Adam, Matt and Allison, in that order.We said it last week and have to say it again this week, Scott should go home. As sad as it is, I mean it hurt my heart to see him stand up there.

Tune in again next week with BooMama and check out all AI post.
So do you watch Dancing with the Stars? Maybe we should tune in.


Smoochiefrog said...

I don't watch DWTS anymore as it is on opposite 24 and I can't not have my Jack Bauer. :)

I thought Danny did better than Anoop, even if I hated the arrangement. I just don't get Anoop.

I liked Lil from the beginning, but she's not doing it for me anymore.

Gail said...

Hey there, my pc had to go for repairs so been off line for a while. Congrats on the new bub. We still relate to pounds when speaking of newborns, strange but true, so I have a good idea of that weight. Jess now has just two weeks to go and all is well.
Happy Easter, Luv Gail

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