Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Top 7, This is American Idol

Good morning to all our AI fan-natic friends.  D and I are getting together again this week (and every week after) to talk about our impressions on this weeks show.  As always a BIG thank you goes out to BooMama for her linky inter webby genius.  That's right, I said it, she's a genius. 

BTW, did any of you see her post this week on her son where she showed a picture of him at 18 months?  Whew girls, go get you some of those sweet baby cheeks!  That was one of the cutest I've seen in a days.  That's right because my own sweet grand babies have "sweet cheeks", too.  Um, yummy.  

But I digress.  So on to American Idol. . .

SS - I just want to start out saying,  "I LOVE THE TWO JUDGE THING!!!  Danya what did you think? 
D -    I didn't like it because what if one of the other judges didn't like the performance and had something else to say.  I thought the show went really fast.
SS - Also, there is a brief appearance from the "husband" RS is joining us again tonight.  His comments are always so inspiring, short and sweet and to the point, just like him.

First up, Alison Iraheta singing "I don't Want To Miss A Thing"
SS - is her hair redder?  I guess she's gonna keep the red hair thorough this thing,  I kept waiting for her to change but it's not happening.
RS - (I kid you not, he didn't know that I had just wrote that comment) "what's the matter with her hair"?
SS - "it's really red"
RS - "on purpose"?
SS - "yep"
D - I thought she did really good, I liked it, she does good every week.  I agree on her hair, I think she worked on it some more this week.  It's like burnt orange red now, maybe that's just my TV.
Simon says she's the only girls hope left in this competition,
SS - so, that is no big news.  I predict that there will be no female American Idol this year.  Yep going out on a limb with that one.   I liked her performance , ok.
D -- poor Lil, dude, she's trying but she just doesn't have it, do you think she'll get a record contract?
SS - I'd be surprised if she does, but maybe.

Anoop Desai - "Everything I Do I Do For You"
SS - I gotta admit, no one can sing Bryan Adams as well as Bryan Adams.  I like that Tarantino told him to rough it up a bit.  I don't think he did as much as he should have.  He's just got a sweet kind of voice to me so, we'll see.  Another thought struck me, he is still in the competition when he was the second chance guy.  How 'bout that.  I guess that says something to second chances.
RS - "voice too high"
SS - So, I thought he tried but I don't think he really dug down that deep, so oops, there goes Randy with the "I love you you know that, brother dawg" stuff, not a good sign, oh no, he loves him?  I thought it was gonna be you weren't that stinkin great but nope, you found your zone, What do I know?  On a positive note, Anoop is always classy, he should get votes just for his class act.
D - it was better than I thought it was gonna be, I love that song you know that.  It is one of my all time favorite songs ever!  But he worked it out.  He didn't sound as good as Bryan Adams.  He is talented he really is, at the beginning he wanted to be the crazy rock it out guy, but now he's doing all these ballad's.  That's true Mom, he is the second chance guy.

Adam Lambert -  "Born To Be Wild"
SS - The funniest thing I read was on PajamaMama's recap, her very wise 13 yr old son guest wrote last night and I can't say it any better than he did . . ."you scare me"  go check out her post, so funny.
OK so Adam's mascara was back, someone else wrote "manscara and guyliner" too funny.  Please dear Lord, don't let this guy influence our young . . . can you girls just imagine looking at all our young men with makeup and black fingernail polish on!  ugg! OK so the guy can sing but I didn't like his performance last night, I thought it was indulgent.  There I said it for you Simon. 
RS - "that song was made for a man to sing wasn't it"? (now that's funny I don't care ho you are)
 SS - "he's in his KISS mode"
RS - "who"
SS - "he sounds like Heart to me"
RS - "who"
RS - "that was originally sung by Steppenwolf"
SS -  (that from a man who was always at work and missed the whole cultural revolution thing, he has no idea who anyone is or what they did, I had to tell him who Toby Keith is)
RS - I didn't like it.
SS - me eight, sweetheart.
D - Umm.  I didn't really like it, I really didn't.  I thought Simon was gonna say it was indulgent crap, but he didn't say that.   He sure can hit those high notes, but I looked away I didn't want to see his  tongue.  "he scared me"  hahahaha, no wonder my kids don't want to watch American idol but Caleb was dancing, I'm not gonna lie, he was dancing"
SS - he doesn't stick his tongue out so much anymore.
D - oh, well they must have told him.
The Judges - Paula waxes philosophical
Simon - upside; vocals incredible, downside; that was like watching the "Rocky Horror Picture show"  hahaha  I love Simon, he is always honest, maybe not always right but always honest with what he feels and he will say what no one else dares say.  So right there I like him.

Matt Giraud - "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman" 
SS - I love Matt, but it fell flat for me
D - Yea, it did, it really did, I love him, I voted for him one time, it went right through it wasn't even busy, I got through the first time!  I think Lil should go home before him.
SS - yea me too, but I do think he's in trouble.

Danny Gokey - "Endless Love" 
poor Danny, he really was feeling it last night.
D - that was about his wife, you know it.  I thought he did really good.  
SS - Nice.  Oh that was such good advice from Quinten for our boy Danny, "put your hands in your pockets so the emotion would come out of his eyes"  I'm thinking that is good advice for all of us.
Judges - Paula - blah, blah, blah, grab us, wow us, . . . something something. . . where does she get all this stuff?
D - I don't know, she's smoking something . .  I don't know, what did she say, I don't remember what she says and Simon just rolls his eyes, he doesn't even try to hide it.  I think she has a thing for Danny, don't say I think she wants to sleep with him, people are going to think I'm horrible.

O.K., moving on.

Kris Allen - "Falling Slowly"
SS - One thing I want to say here is that Kris really has been the most consistent contestant.  He brings it every week, steady on, I think I have a very good idea what kind of album he will make.  And I will buy it.  I loved the beginning, I loved the middle, Oh I love the high note.  So nice.  He's better than Adam.
D - I thought it was awesome, I thought it was really good, I don't think Randy knows what he was talking about, I thought it was a moment.  It was the best performance of the night.  He won't win, though.
SS - He might, it might be between Adam and him.
D - You think?, he's not a power house vocal.
SS - Yea but he brings it every week.

Lil Rounds - "The Rose"
D - I thought it was better.  But for some reason she just can't make the judges happy.  I see the disappointment, the longer it goes on the worse it get for her.
SS - I like again Taratino's comment for her to commit!
D - I think there are a lot of performers who come on and can't sing I still want to know what happened on the Lady Gaga thing.  A lot of people get record deals can't sing as well as the contestants do here.
SS - ok, so what your saying is  you really like Lil and you want them to get off her back.
D - I do really like Lil, I think she can sing, I'm saying either get off her back or let her go home, I'm starting to feel sorry for her.  They thought she was going to win this thing and now she just done a big belly flop.  I think they thought she was going to do really really good and she's just not doing what they thought she was gonna do, then they got to the big stage and we just lost Lil.
SS - I think what your seeing here is the big stage thing. I've heard them talk about that before.  Sometimes they are really good until they get to the big stage and then they fall apart or they haven't showed too much and then they get to the big stage and Wham, they bring it on.
D - I think it is a waist of really good talent.  You know, like someone who is really book smart and they go and get all this education and then they get out in the real world and can't hang in there.

(Side Note-I think D is really passionate about Lil.)


Top performance of the night - hands down, Kris Allen.  Both of us agree on that.

Whose going home?
D - oh, how many can I pick . . . I think Matt might go home, I don't want him to but I think he might or Anoop.
SS -  Matt, I'm afraid.

SS - I will buy Kris', I will buy Matt's, I will buy Danny's music, anyone else will have to proved to me that they should get my money.  That really is pretty good to have three out of the top ten that I want to buy their music already.
D - this season is awesome, I like Danny, he's awesome, I love Kris, I like Matt, I like Alison, I'm just in love today.  It's a good day, Anah slept most of the night and I feel rested.  It all good.


Smoochiefrog said...

I'd be happy if either Anoop or Lil went home.

Sherri's Southern Style said...

Another GREAT post by you Gals! Like that Husband threw in his two cents too!
I want Danny to win! Kris is okay too, but I'm scared Adam could win this and I WILL NOT by his screaming.
I agree with D, I think the Judges have been very hard on Lil. I think she has a great voice, but she has not been able to show that at all. I think she is in real trouble tonight. If it isn't her, it's Matt IMO.
Hey, Thanks for stopping by! Glad you like my new background and Header! We obviously have similar tastes:)

Dawn Jenkins said...

I love RS!!! I am with Danya...Lil's singing ability is being wasted!

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