Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol - Theatrics vs Acoustic

Thank you DVR.  You give me freedom to go when I need to and not miss a thing.  So I loved the show, I'm looking forward to tonight, I was on the road (again) so I didn't get to vote, but I knew who I would vote for, didn't matter what the performances were like.  And speaking of performances, lets get right to it.

Kris wins the coin toss, and chooses to go second.  

Up first Adam Lambert with "It's a Mad World" - hum, singing is great, his vocals are on, Gothic in theme, reminded me of twilight (if I had seen twilight which I haven't) .  Yea, haunting.  Go figure.

Cute Kris - gets personal with "Ain't No Sunshine"  I think it's ROCKIN!  Yea I love it, I will buy. this. kids. music!
note to Simon - again you were not sure and again he proves you wrong and again you take it all back.  WHAT?  Seriously, even I have a better memory than that.  Get up off my boy Kris.

Round Two

Who is Simon Fuller anyway?  "Change Is Gonna Come" - 
Adam sings the blues, nice change of pace with him, not really buying it, looks to me like he was a tiny bit uncomfortable with it, but he sings the phone book so why not the blues, right?  I"m feeling like I need to hear the original Sam Cook version.

Kris, "What's Going On" 
Can I get a coupon?  Wonder if he would come over and sing on my patio?  I'm loving it!  May have been a little light for the night but, hey, he didn't choose the song, so whatever.

Round Three

No Boundaries - ?

I have no comment on this round for the performers, they did their best with this song.  
Bad Kara! 

I'll sum it up with Kris' comment on the night, they agreed, not competing,  just singing - putting on a good show.  I think they did that, they gave it their all.  While I am not a fan of men in guyliner and nail polish, I think it speaks volumes from the people who are living with each other, that they seem to like and respect each other.  I am looking forward to much more from these guys.  In my opinion America got it right.  Stupid Simon! 

Oops, I forgot to link up with BooMama.  Check her out, it'll be fun. 


Jenna said...

I want a Coupon too! More than one even..

danya0204 said...

Hey mom!!!!!! Love your post. Really funny and cheerful. I am typing while holding a squirming baby!!!! Update: Molly is laying in my floor......awesome awesome dog. Melts right into the background. She had so much fun with the kids, they tugged her around the yard and almost smothered her!!! It was cute. Ilove you and maybe i will get around to blogging this week. Holla at me......Late!!!!!!!!!! :)

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