Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Titus 2 Tuesday

Welcome to Tuesday.  Shanda at A Teachable Heart, what a sweet gal, has a link to post your thoughts and memories on women who have been Titus 2 women in your lives.  Past or present


I pray before I begin writing, "God who is my post about this morning?  Who do you want me to write about?"  Not silly, it's a good thing.   God answers prayers and if I want all the glory to go to Him then I ask Him what or who do You want me to write about.

An easy name to write about is coming to my mind so here goes.

My friend's name is Daphne Delay, 

she is an ordained minister and minister's Family Harvest Church with her husband, Todd.  She also has a women's ministry called Mirror Ministries.  

I will never forget the first time I heard her.  It felt like the whole room fell away and only she and I were left.  

She told her testimony about looking in the mirror and feeling the voice of God tell her to look real close.  She kept getting closer and closer until she was about an inch from the mirror and looking directly into her own eyes, He said, "tell her you love her and that you forgive her."  

Those words still sting the backs of my eyes.  "Tell her you love her, " the hardest person to forgive is ourselves.  And she, through her own testimony, told me what she had learn from God.  And I too went to that mirror with her and faced my own eyes and told that girl that I loved her and I forgive her."  Me!  

I knew that talk was for me.  I rushed outside with one of the clergy that was there and I cried and cried and confessed and we prayed and prayed and I agreed with God that day.  And I have never been the same since.  

Daphne keeps me and all of us who know her and you too if you wanted, lifted up with weekly devotions.  She sends them out to your e-mail.  She is a gifted speaker and author and she will come to your group and what ever she talks about will come straight from the heart of God.

She's like a "rock star" to those of us who get to work with her on various projects.  The walk to Emmaus being one of them.  

She is a Titus 2 women, teaching women to be reverent in the way they live.  Her passion is to teach us the righteousness we have in Christ Jesus.  That we are in right standing with God and walk believing and speaking that belief.  Not always an easy thing to wrap our minds around.

Thank you Daphne.  I love you.

"I used to look in the mirror and wonder wonder
who is this girl looking back at me?
Windows to my soul, my eyes told on her.
She said, "Please forgive me
and set me free."
Many tears were shared that day between she and I.
Now, I look and know
who that girl is looking aback at me.
Her name is Forgiven."

I am so thankful for mentors like Daphne.  Thank you Lord Jesus, that you love us and that you have encounters with us everyday.  If we just open our eyes to You, you are there in the mirror, in our own eyes and in the eyes of our friends.


Belinda said...

I too, this is funny prayed this morning for God to reveal to me about who to write about this week.I love hearing His voice and you know your doing what He ask of you. Great post by the way. See ya tomorrow for lunch can't wait but I will.

Sprinkly Sunkiss said...

Wow what an amazing post!

Is there anyway that I can be placed on her weekly emailed devotions list (that was a mouth full!)???

In Christ,

HappyascanB said...

Absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to go sing up for Belinda's emails!!! Thanks for sharing!

Shanda said...

What an incredible ministry! Thank you for beautifully & transparently sharing it with us!

I'm so glad that you are a part of "Titus 2 Tuesdays!"

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