Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Golden Heart

awwww, so sweet, my second award.
And so pretty.

I say second because when I first started blogging Petticoats and Spurs sent me one, only then I didn't know how to put it on my blog, so technically, this is a second.

But woohoo!  

Thank you Belinda at Eddins Four.

This is being hosted by Daveda at Grace Talk With Daveda and the links there are amazing, you gotta go check it out!

Okay, so now I am to give it away.  

Amanda at Life Abundantly

Back at ya, Sherry at Petticoats and Spurs

What can I say about this group of women?   I think we all, here in blogland, understand what an amazing tool this is.  We are meeting friends and sisters in Christ that we would never have the chance, or at least unlikely (cause nothing's impossible with God), to meet.  Nice run on sentence there.  The women listed here I have never met except for Danya and she is my daughter "D" who some of you heard from on our American Idol post, (yea way to go Kris) however I think D's still mad that Matt Giraurd didn't win.  Anyway, post something baby, okay a little personal business there.  

Back to the ladies, you guys inspire me, lift me up and encourage me, pray for me, edify me and teach me.  All from women I have never met.  

Saying I love you girls, doesn't seem enough, but I do.  
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
I almost forgot, the rules;  
you gotta give it away, George should be playing here.
Selected five more beautiful women or a man too, why not I ask.  Anyway, don't forget to use the picture above and go check these out, they really are beautiful people.



Amanda May said...

Hi sweet Jerriann!

I am VERY behind on my blog reads so I popped over hear to start getting caught up & was pleasantly suprised to see you mention me & my little blog. Thank you!

I'm excited to read the posts of yours that I've missed - your words are always a blessing to me!

Dawn Jenkins said...

Wow it has been WAY TOO LONG since I've read your blog...being gone all weekend and being so busy this week has put me WAY BEHIND.

Okay first- love, love the sunset pics.
Second - love your crafty post about Vicki's walk. I love all the pictures and the "ouch". Finished project is beautiful!
Third - Love your Daphne post. Do you think she'll ever fully realize how God has used her in our lives?
Love ya

Sprinkly Sunkiss said...


Thank You so much for visiting and commenting my blog :]

Now I am off to go visit your friends...and hopefully end up with a few new sisters in Christ


In Him,

Sherry said...

Thank you! Your such a sweet person.

Love the pictures....your good girl!

What camera are you using?

Kelly's Ideas said...


Thank you very much... very sweet and I love you too!


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