Thursday, May 21, 2009

Okay, That Was FUN

Kris Allen takes home the prize.  Yea, I'm happy but I thought it could go either way and I would have been happy with Adam winning as well.  I seriously screamed out loud and RS gave me one of those "who are you" looks.  Ha, so funny, anyway.  

I tried to download a "you tube" video of him singing but it's not cooperating.  So I added three of Kris' songs and one of Adam's on my playlist.  If it bugs you please scroll down to the very bottom of the page and press pause.  Thank you.  

A few things I want to say about tonight's show;

1.  So that's who Kara is!!  Hello, that was so, dare I say it, Hot.  Not the swimsuit thing, the singing thing.  She put that girl in her place in front of way too many people and I am not sure how I feel about that but man she blew her away.  Also fun to watch, I'm thinking the highlight of the evening, that's mean I know but exciting too.  Sorry.  :) 

2. Carlos Santana - I love his music - I do.  It will never go away, I thought it was quite the coo for Matt Geraud to sing with him and then I thought they lost it when they added the whole group in.  I can't blame them thought, if I could sing I would want to sing with his guitar too.

  Fun season.

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The Decker's said...

I screamed out loud too!!! I was a little shocked at the results but past experience reveals that the underdog can take it all. It could have gone either way they are both awesome but there is just something about Adam. I thought it was a fantastic show. The Kiss performance was so cool. Jean Simmons (sp?) tong is very creepy but I am so glad they brought back a little 80’s big hair rock. How fun!!! I loved it all!!!

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