Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The back patio; still dreaming of the dining table and chairs, the rattan 'look' love seat complete with chairs, side tables, lamps, rugs, you know the whole inside out thing.

I spent Sunday finishing potting up the last of the flats I brought home from the greenhouse. 

The front courtyard gate.

Still waiting on those pesky electricians to come put up my lights.  Note the funny little spots above the plants.  sigh, hmm.

My fan club.

The courtyard?  Not so much!

A work in progress.   That hoeing weeds is no fun.   

Makes me thing about what Jesus does in our hearts.  The one patch there that was full of weeds has been a lot harder to get cleaned up.  And some of those roots are deep.  It's gonna take me a little longer here to see the progress, but step by step I keep at it.  Everyday I spend a little time in that patch finding a corner to get my hoe in, digging deeper to get in under the roots system.   One day, I will show you a cleaned out section of dirt newly planted with flowers bringing beauty into this part of the yard.  And then I will begin my maintenance program.  


Charla (SHar-la) said...

Wow, it looks beautiful! I love the metaphor of Jesus hoeing out the weeds in our hearts! It is so true! I can't wait to come and visit with ya during the summer some time!

Shanda said...

Just gorgeous - so much potential for beauty and sanctuary! Loved your analogy!

Terry said...

Wow this was one amazing post .Yes Jesus is always busy weeding our hearts ,Praise God for the Master Gardner/Shepherd .
Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of one gorgeous
sanctuary .
What a blessing .
Thank you for this awesome post.
Have a blessed week.

Jill said...

Amazing!! what potential...you have such a sweet spirit- love your analogy!

Dawn Jenkins said...

It does look awesome. You know I am reading the book, Crazy Love. He says the weeds in our life (a.k.a. the thorns) choke out any chance for His seed to grow. Good stuff!

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