Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Letter to Mom

Dear Mom,
I have thought about you a lot this week.  And I have tried to figure out what I would do to honor you for Mother's Day.  My plans to surprise you at your house for lunch today didn't work out but we got spent an hour and a half on the phone laughing, deep belly laughs and remembering Nanny and Grand Daddy and Mam-ma and Pappaw.  I love you Mom.  

I saw this on another post and I have never tried to do this but tonight I'm gonna give a shot.

Things I love about my Mother:

1.  that you love me.
2.  talking with you on the phone.
3.  remembering the Ruidosa trip when I was 10 yrs old.  
4.  your cooking!  You are the best.
5.  the man you married.
6.  that you stayed married to him, 53 years now.  
7.   your example of how to be a women of quiet dignity.
8.  the perfume you wore when I was a child, Este Lauder Youth Dew. 
9.  That you didn't want to be called Granny and you didn't want to be called Ma when I was pregnant with my first and now you are called Granny-ma to everyone who has ever met you since.  Oh wait, that one may be for Dad.
10.  the way you laugh at life.
11.  your gentle spirit
12.  your youthful attitude.
13.  the trip we are going to take, where did we decide to go?
14.  they way you told me you loved me every morning when I was in the worst place in my life.
15.  they way you took care of my children when I needed a break.
16.  just knowing you are there.
17.  that you love my man, too.
18.  the pictures you take, you are beautiful.
19.  remembering the time I tried to throw you in the pool when I was a teenager and as strong as I was and as little as you are, I couldn't budge you.  
20. the times, even when we live so far apart, that we go to the store on the same day and buy the same things.
21.  my brother.
22.  your honesty.
23.  your brown eyes.
24.  putting up with me when I wasn't so lovable. 
25.  Your strength.

You have taught me so many things that can not be put in words but that are so much a part of who I am and what kind of women I became.  Thank you, I love you.


HappyascanB said...

yay! Great job!! I especially loved 9 and 14. What would we do without our mommas during the lowest times of our lives? Great job, sister!!!

Belinda said...

How sweet. I know you are thankful for your relationship with your mom. that is great. Sweet post.

Jill said...

Precious Post! and thanks SO much for your kind words on my blog...they Bless me more than you can ever know!! and boy, ya'll sweet Texas girls are making me even more homesick...sigh...
Many Blessings!

Dawn Jenkins said...

I love 15 and 17...Great, great job Jerri! Thanks for our "chat" yesterday !

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