Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's Getting Serious Now - American Idol Top 4

I'm here at D's house, tonight's comments from me aka Salty Sister or as most of you know me, Jerriann, D - Danya, eldest daughter and my son-in-love C - aka Carlos, so we are going to do a live post tonight. Since we have only four contestants left, do you think it will be easier or get harder to chose who should go next?

Most shocking news that Adam ended up in bottom three . . .wasn't shocking to me, I was so glad to see him there, go America. I'm just sayin.

So the show goes on. Ooh, duets, sounds interesting.

Adam Lambert -
SS - yuk!!!
D - I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.
SS - uh, yuk!! Are you sure you want to say that?
C - He sounds like crap.
SS - Okay . . . that's it from our house.
Judges, of course they love him. He is A ROCK STAR, Kara you are rock god, Paula, btw she looks georgous tonight, Simon, a little understated? Nobody can top that now.

Alison Iraheta -
SS - Must say up front, loved Janis Joplin, I loved her performance, I like the hair color on her, I thought she look great.
D - I don't know, I liked it - but I have never heard that song before.
SS - WHAT!!! I can fix that for you.
Carlos has left the building he is fixing the fence so he must finish. Thank you Carlos for being Danya's handy man.
So the judges aren't loving on Alison tonight. Oh well, just beg? Must be an inside joke.

Danny and Kris
SS - I like that idea of duets, I think. I missed most of it, can you believe that. I went out to my car and met a weimer dog out there and that was all it took, I had to visit. So, I heard only the very end, I have no comment, except they didn't look to happy. Wonder what that was all about.
D - I got nothin.
judges - harmonies on blast, hmm I like that phrase, I may use it, maybe not.

Kris Allen -
SS - I love Kris
D - I think he did ok
C- (is back in the house) he did good.
judges - loved playing the electirc guitar, K, softer side of rock, not a great performance, trying to hard - Abdul, risky to do Beatles but, you, your ...you make it ... your ...?
Simon, I didn't like it that much, like eating ice for lunch, boring, safe, jam.
SS - I don't care what they say I loved Kris and we all knew it wasn't going to be his genre but he still get's my vote.

Danny Godkey -
Simon says, Danny's safe tonight.
SS - I'll go for that.
D - I don't know what to say about that either.

Adam and Alison duet -
I love Foghat Slow Ride, okay, they did good.

D, you got anything on that?
D - no.
okay, D's a no show tonight, she has her face stuck in a book, I do understand you know sometimes you just can't put it down.
So there we have it.

On the recaps, did they have to show Danny's last note? I ask you!

I don't know, it is going to be hard to send someone home, this is definately getting serious. Best performance, I guess it goes to Adam because he did rock out. Weakest either Kris or Danny, but then the judges didn't like Alison, I don't know I'm so confused.

I know ya'll go check out BooMama's, way more cool people there, I bet they know what to think.


HappyascanB said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog post and the walk. I'm committing to pray about it. That's for sure! I love love love your songs! When I read blogs at work (shhh, don't tell) I don't get the music. And, I'm not an AI watcher this season (I'm usually at Bible Study on Tuesday nights), I loved this play by play! Better than Simon, Paula and Randy if you ask me!!!

Kelly's Ideas said...

I think it is so obvious who is going to win..but it would be cool to have a Danny upset....


danya0204 said...

I LLLOOOOVVVVEEEEE our post this week!!!!!!! My stomach is STILL upset from tuesday night....J/K. I thought Allison rocked it out last night (elimination). Did you see Dannys face while she was singing???? Sweet.... Nock em dead this evening. I will be thinking/praying for you. Love you.................

jerriann said...

I think comments are happy pills, you make me smile when I read what you have left for me. Thank you sweet things.

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