Friday, May 29, 2009

Party Central - I Can Do This!

I signed up, volunteered, to decorate for a dinner party.  At first glance, it sounds easy, exciting, fun, did I mention easy  already?  Yea well, that misnomer deserve another mention.  Okay, not easy.  The biggest challenge has been to figure out the center piece.  You know CENTER of attention.  The anchor piece, the One thing everybody sees.   Well, not necessarily the only thing, because we are going to do a shabby chic garden theme to whole room, so there will be lots to see.  But still, pressure. 

What was I thinking?

So, I figure, if you don't how to do something go to the experts who do.  Thank you internet and book stores and the talented, schooled designers that go behind them.  

Enter, Ron Morgan, I found this book 

at Barnes and Noble.  Beautifully photographed, I might add.  I love beautiful photographs, can you tell?  The husband says, "We are all the same, if I like everybody else will too", hah, maybe a little general and not exactly what he said, but . . .  you know the drill, it's my blog.  

Anyway, I found this inspiration piece,
so, I need to make this

look like that

with these

Easy.  hmm!


Dawn Jenkins said...

You CAN DO THIS!!! Can't wait to see the final product!!!

The Crutchers said...

let me know if I can help! will be going anyways. just let me know what time. :]

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