Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol, Top 3

I loved tonight's performances, we will see a lot more of these guys in the future.  

Paula's choice for Danny was Dance Little Sister by Terence Trent Darby
SS - I don't know this song, He did good.
D - Good job, I thought Paula could have picked a better song for him, though.

Kris 'so cute' Allen - Kara and Randy's pick Apologize by One Republic
 SS - I was on my feet for this one, I was glad no one was home so I could really get into it.  For me, that was so good.
D - I agreed with Simon until I saw his second performance then I knew why he didn't change it up because then they both would have been the same thing.
SS - I like that they said he has had a "quiet confidence" during this whole thing.

Adam - Simon picks U2's One
SS - That was good, really good.
D - I don't know, I got nothing to say about that, I could barely make myself watch it.  That's all I have to say.

Round 2

Danny's choice was You Are So Beautiful - 
SS - I think Simon summed it up best, "Master Vocal Class."
D - Very, Very Good.
SS - I loved that Danny said, "I came out with a fresh mind and a fresh heart."

Kris chooses Heartless by Kande West
SS - Amazing, acoustic guitar! confident, perfect pitch, he did what he does on , I would say the most important night of this competition.  I mean I think I agree with Kara, "who does that?"
D - A W S O M E ! ! ! 

Adam choice, Aerosmith
SS - I know that he has talent, I know that he can sing, I know that he hits amazing high notes, I know all this, but ... sigh,  No, I didn't like this performance.
D - He screams to much for me, I can't stand the way he does that, M.O.S. - whatever.
You know I have really enjoyed writing about this season, I love music, it is on at all times around me always has been.  These contestants this year have been fun to watch and there should be a lot of them have a career in the music business.  Tonight, I was just touched by the attitude of the contestants, they all came out swinging, they were all in it to win it.

With that said, what was up with the judges?  I liked that Ryan reminded them it was about the contestants.  Way to go Ryan.  

Thank you BooMama for giving us all a place to link up and share our passion for music.  Some of the writers at her link are amazingly witty, funny, enjoyable reads.  Go there and have fun. 

Thank you.


Okay, where have I been, I think BooMama is taking the week off from this craziness.  So I guess no linking up this week or next, cause American Idol will be over.  I gotta say, I'm feeling a little done with this, too.


Kelly's Ideas said...

Tonight was really good.. I agree with you that Adam can sing but he does scream a little too much.. I'm more of an easy listening kind of girl.. Danny - I just love his voice..and Kris surprises me.. gets better every week.. we may have a dark horse victory....

Suzie said...

I think this has been one of the best seasons ever. So much talent....
I am ready for the season to be over not because of the contestants, but because of all the judges' drama.

Thanks for stopping by my place.

Belinda said...

I missed most of this season although I had Taylor Hicks picked from the first time I laid eyes on him last time.I did see a little last night in bewteen the biggest loser commercials. It looked good though.Off to plant so new hedges and create another flower bed, what a dirty job. Talk to you soon.

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